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This is a story about about a mother's desire to



We live in a world where everything from our products to our foods are loaded with unnecessary ingredients & toxins.

Focus has been lost on the importance of simplicity and the healing powers organic herbs as well as oils bestow.

The awakening happened when my son was born and I quickly realized that most baby foods and products I would not use myself let alone on my newborn child.

So I researched.  What I found is that the majority of products deemed "safe" for sale actually include toxic ingredients, most of which can cause cancer when used consistently & regularly.

It takes 27 seconds for a toxic ingredient to enter into the blood stream...

So I I decided to start to educate & help parents through creating an online Apothecary of the very best quality products you can possibly provide to your family.

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It was quickly realized after launching The YumiMumi that there is an extreme need for luxury, organic skincare products for both mom and babe.  Products that do more than just smell nice.  I was looking for products with purpose, deeply hydrating oils & butters that would penetrate through the skin to nourish more than just the surface of the epidermis; products that would deliver maximum results immediately as well as make a new mom feel like her sexy pre-pregnancy self. 
I couldn't find anything.  So a quest quickly turned into a vision and then developed into reality.  


Divine + essential skincare products designed for the whole family - with extra focus on baby & mom's sensitive skin.


Products which go much deeper than just the skin's surface.

Products that are specifically created to help support, nourish and protect baby's new skin.

Products that are carefully blended to help heal and soothe a postpartum body.

Products that ooze hydration as well as luxury.

I wanted to create a brand that a new mother would feel sexy, safe and beautiful when applying

A skincare line that she would feel confident in knowing is safe when pregnant & breastfeeding.

A product that a man would pickup and want to use himself

 MYLK was born – skin nutrients which go far beyond skincare. 

 Products that go much deeper than just the skin's surface.

MYLK Skincare includes highly effective signature ingredients which have proven to be remarkably beneficial when absorbed through

the epidermis.


24k Gold


Ancient Organic Oils

Healing herbs

Welcome to the new way to nourish your skin.



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